"During 2018 and 2019 I have booked private guided rock climbing with Mark Chadwick. I am 67 and have resumed rock climbing in the last few years after a gap of over thirty years. As an older climber I need an understanding and flexible guide who can help me get the best out of my climbing. I have found Mark an outstanding guide and an amiable companion on the rocks and mountains. He has been willing to give me a flexible programme allowing for making best use of the weather and for rest days when required. He has also encouraged me to improve my climbing skills and select the most suitable routes for my ability. This has helped me to climb a number of outstanding classic routes which I had missed when I was younger and to climb routes harder than I did in my twenties. I highly recommend Mark’s services and I am booked again in 2020."

Neil Sandilands (Summer Rock Climbing)


"Working with Mark on a recent shoot was a safe and fun experience. We were filming ice climbing high on Ben Nevis and having Mark on the team made it all possible. The north east face of Ben Nevis has some very complex terrain which Mark was able to safely navigate and get me to some great positions on the cliff from which to film the action. I would say that Mark was able to not only understand my needs as a filmmaker but to also anticipate them with me having to tell him what I needed. This allowed me to just focus on getting the best footage I could without having to worry about the logistics or safety of the team. Mark also has a strong set of legs, ideal for carrying heavy tripods and 100m statics!"

Paul Diffley (Film Shoot Safety)


"Thank you for the fantastic Scottish winter training week. Following multiple communications we agreed to bring all the equipment available and keep locations flexible as to make the best of the somewhat fickle weather conditions this winter. 

That proved to be a good decision. 

My main aim from the week was to develop my confidence in all areas of Winter Mountaineering. Through your exceptional ability to break down the mass of highly important technical skills into individual situations that all merge together to culminate in a safe and efficient processes being learnt my confidence to get out into the Mountains and start ticking off routes has been greatly improved. 

A Bonus to the week was the two days of Rock Climbing, rather than struggle in the poor conditions available a short trip in the car provided us with a spring like day on the crag. Again your easy delivery style allowed for a huge amount of information and technical skills to be gained by myself. 

Since our week of training I have had a brilliant day out on Scafell with my mate, we climbed Jacks Rake which was in full winter conditions, visibility was poor and it snowed most of the day. But taking our time, using the navigation skills and short rope for the trickier sections we made it up and round to the car in what we both said to be a full on day, at no point did it feel as if we were out of our depth. It'd have been a different story without the training."

James Healey (Winter Climbing)


"I have been going on an annual ski-touring trip in the Alps with a bunch of old college friends (and now including our sons). We always reach out to Mark for expert guiding. He is the ultimate professional. Safety for everyone is his paramount concern. He also tailors a fun program each year and very creatively adapts the itinerary as weather may prohibit the original plan. To top it off..... he is a great guy to be around. We feel safe and know we will have good time no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. I recommend Mark without any reservation."

Nick Vanderkloot (Alpine Ski Mountaineering)


"Chadders has put together amazing itineraries every year I have asked and got to climb with him. My main goal has been to summit the Eiger —with my skill set, fears and availability, saying he has been accommodating would be an understatement. He is always extremely aware and attentive of external conditions and his client’s needs and requirements. I could not have asked for a better guide nor would I want any other guide."

Jordan Oster (Alpine Climbing)


"I have been on a number of ski touring trips in the Alps with Mark. All of them a great success. Mark is very resourceful and always able to find solutions to make a good day even when conditions aren’t great. Moreover,  Mark has a lot of experience and knowledge which he is always happy to share. He is well organised which shows not only in the preparation prior to the tour but also during. Hence you feel in good and secure hands when touring with Mark. Last but not least, he is great company."

Jan Kees (Alpine Ski Mountaineering)


"Spring ski touring in the Vanoise with Mark was absolutely awesome. We made the most of the time and weather, Mark’s ability to find perfect snow and really great terrain was second to none. We always felt very safe and learned lots from the training, we definitely feel more confident to tour on our own now (which was one objective of the trip) but I’m sure we’ll also be touring with Mark again in the future. In summary, it was one of those trips that we’ll never forget, for the skiing, the mountains and the great company. Highly recommended!"

Darryl Sergison (Alpine Ski Touring)


"I had heard of Mark around Glenmore lodge for a number of years before I finally had the chance to work with him. 

We have worked together with Mark being both the subject of my photography and also as my safety on a mountain shoot. He's a great guide and I can relax and fully trust that he's looking after me so I can concentrate fully on getting the shots I need to for my clients. 

As well as being a great guide, he's also good company and the banter and laughter flows easily making any day in the hills more pleasurable. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marks skills to anyone looking for safety cover and advice as well as a Mountain Guide."

Nadir Khan (Photo Shoot Safety)